Thursday, June 11, 2009

The fuzz

Okay maybe calling this post the fuzz is a little bit cruel to the police but hay ho,
At this moment in time i am sat in Alderney airport waiting till 5pm to get a flight to Guernsey and why to Guernsey well it turns out that the hotel I have been working for well the Manager Scott Chance is a bit dodgy, He has been hiring staff yet not getting anyone a licence to work here, I know its stupid Im a Guernsey citizen yet I have to get a new licence to work in Alderney. Anyway it all came to a head when I was at work and the police turned up all of the police force in Alderney in fact all Two of them, I was told i was breaking the law by working with out it I was to say the least a little socked by the hole thing and pist off with Scott, I had to go get interviewed and everything. So my way out of it all was to give evidence against the hotel and Scott, the police took my deal I got off free yet Ill need to come back when it goes to court to give evidence. Thank fully I happened to run in to the police officer that was the community bobby in Sprotbrough Doncaster where I grew up ' you never know who you are going to run in to do you '. So now on our way to Guernsey to get a house with the housing association I think this could be a good thing we have been so worried about finding the money for the move and the rent yet it may have all fell in to place. Not wanting to get excited but could this make it all right? fingers crossed

Monday, June 8, 2009

hello world and you

does anyone else feel the need to blog for people that read them and not for your self, I today thought that yes even if no one is reading what if some one did and they wanted more excitement, do I pretend to be 007 egan will egan or do i pretend to be dying for the sympathy vote how do you please that one person let alone the 10 or more. Okay a couple or more facts about me,
1. I'm 22
2. I have been arrested 6 x
3. I went to prison for 2 days but got released on a technicality
4. I went on the run when released to bail
5. I got my charges dropped because I knew the right people

ok there is 5 things you never knew, maybe ill put more one day

night all

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

101 changes and back again

Hello World, 101 changes and counting, I am now in Alderney so close to Guernsey wooooo, I don't think I have felt so at home than I do right now, I am working in a 27 room hotel where I'm the head housekeeper I know everyone else thinks I'm Gay so don't worry I don't blame you. Nikita and I have been the beach a few times but we hd a little miss hap the 1st time nikita got sun burned and has been flaking all over the house eeeeeeeeeeeee. I hadn't wrote on this for weeks due to the fact I didn't think anyone else was reading it but i found out today Nikita was reading it so hear we go, big shout out to the massive of NIKITA. WOOOOOOO LOVE YOU ALL

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Tomorrow I move to Alderney no a new job and home Im very nervous to what will happen when Im there, It would be alot easer if Nikita was with me Im missing her just thinking about it but hopefully in a couple of weeks she will be able to move to her mums house in Guernsey and then we will only be a few miles apart although that might as well be the other side of the world. To be honest Im just scared I wont fit in will I be to quiet to load or just not what they want, I have to enviable job of having to fire all the house keeping team in my first week I already have my first orders and Im not there yet.........., Not to make it harder for me hay,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog time

Okay I decided it was time to do a blog, we have hit the new months some days ago and alot have changed, With the hole world it a tits up state over this swine flu It has shed some light on my life for me, I have come to the conclusion that I want to do some thing with my life, I know everyone says that but for me I have never wanted to do anything to be honest. I think i want to do something in a office I love the ide of having a desk and computer to my self all mine, I have been looking for the jobs in guernsey with the eminent move creeping up very fast, Its only 4 months till we have to be there. Worry yes but it will be okay i hope.

Friday, April 24, 2009


We well I say we but Nikita had some very good news today , she got it she got the job in Guernsey. She was so nervous and so was I when I picked the post up today and caught a glimpse of the stamp from guernsey health care . I plan on buying her a full set of stationary when she starts I know it sounds strange but I know it will make her happy. Im so proud of her she has finally got what she deserves.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Back Home

Nikita got back home yesterday I was so happy to see her. I really want to get the money together now to move back to Guernsey as soon as. I don't think getting a job would be that hard I've spoke to a couple of people that said they would take me on if we are there but its all down to finding the money to get a flat/house or what ever. So If anyone reading this has 5k to spare let me know Ill pay you back lol

Nikita came back and I wanted to show her how much I love her so I try'd to tell her how I feel about her how beautiful she is but it just seems to upset her so I don't know what to say and I really just want to say how special she is to me but I'm messing up saying anything I can think of just so I get to hear her speak because it makes me feel special this perfect person talking to me.